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What is Healthy Monday?

Dining out has been considered a special occasion by most people and therefore, a reason for indulging. However, dining out has become a way of life for a majority of the population. Shape Up Sugar Land with the support of the Mayor's Fitness Council as well as Mayor James Thompson have created a healthy initiative, called Healthy Mondays. The focus will be on creating awareness of what type of healthy meal choices are available while dining out.

Here are 5 key reasons for organizing healthy and wellness initiatives around Monday:

  • People already use Monday as a day dedicated to health.
  • On Monday people set weekly healthy intentions and are hungry for help
  • The week is the unit of time crititcal in shaping human destiny, and Monday is its beginning.
  • Monday as a new beginning represents a common cultural experience.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is a perfect time to form a habit of eating healthy meals that make for a happy and healthy colon.

Healthy Monday Proclamation

Mayor James Thompson declares Mondays as Healthy Mondays.

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Dining In?

Award winning recipe author Rhonda Morrison demonstrates healthy cooking options. Updated every week!

This Week's Recipe:
Breakfast Quesadillas

Updated: 9/24/12

Dining Out?

View a list of Healthy Monday approved restaurants.

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Ask the Dietitian

What questions do you have for our resident dietitian, Laura Laine? Submit your healthy eating questions here.